Fifa 20 Contract Expiry 2021 Premier League

As football fans eagerly await the release of FIFA 20, many are already planning their dream teams for the upcoming season. One key aspect of team-building in FIFA 20 is keeping an eye on player contract expiries, as this will determine which players are available for transfer without a transfer fee. In this article, we`ll take a look at some of the top players in the Premier League whose contracts will expire in 2021.

Starting in-goal, Kepa Arrizabalaga`s contract with Chelsea will expire in 2021, making him a potential target for other top teams if he doesn`t sign an extension. Defensively, Jan Vertonghen of Tottenham Hotspur and Laurent Koscielny of Arsenal will also be free agents in 2021. Both experienced defenders could be valuable additions to any team in need of a solid center-back.

In midfield, two Manchester City players, David Silva and Fernandinho, will see their contracts expire in 2021. Silva has been a key player for City for many years, but with age starting to catch up with him, it`s unclear whether he`ll sign an extension or move on to a new team. Fernandinho, on the other hand, remains a crucial component of City`s midfield, and it`s likely the club will look to keep him around for at least a few more seasons.

On the attacking front, there are several noteworthy players whose contracts will expire in 2021. Tottenham`s Heung-Min Son has been a consistently strong performer in recent seasons, and it`s likely that the club will attempt to extend his contract before it expires. Liverpool`s Sadio Mane has also been in excellent form, and the club will surely be keen to hold onto him for as long as possible.

Other notable players with expiring contracts in 2021 include Arsenal`s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Manchester United`s Nemanja Matic, and Leicester City`s Jonny Evans.

As always, keeping an eye on contract expiries is an essential part of building a successful FIFA team. The Premier League features many talented players whose contracts are coming to an end in 2021, so be sure to add them to your transfer wishlist as you prepare for the season ahead.

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