Exercises about Subject Verb Agreement with Answers

As a copy editor, you know the importance of subject-verb agreement. It`s one of the fundamental grammar rules that can make or break a piece of writing. You may have encountered writers who commit the classic mistake of matching a singular subject with a plural verb. Or sometimes, the subject and verb are too far apart for the writer to see the connection. Whatever the case may be, subject-verb agreement is crucial to conveying a message clearly and effectively.

If you`re looking for some exercises to test your knowledge in this area, we`ve got just the thing. Here are some subject-verb agreement exercises, along with the answers:

Exercise 1: Choose the correct verb form that agrees with the subject.

1. The dog (barks, bark) at the mailman every day.

Answer: barks

2. Neither John nor Jane (is, are) coming to the party.

Answer: is

3. The box of chocolates (was, were) left on the kitchen counter.

Answer: was

4. The couple (has, have) been married for 50 years.

Answer: has

5. My favorite color (is, are) blue.

Answer: is

Exercise 2: Identify the correct subject-verb agreement in the sentences.

1. The group of dancers (was, were) rehearsing for their performance.

Answer: was

2. Every student in the class (know, knows) the answer to the question.

Answer: knows

3. The politicians and journalists (disagree, disagrees) on the issue.

Answer: disagree

4. The cat and the dog (chase, chases) each other around the yard.

Answer: chase

5. The committee (recommends, recommend) that we delay the decision.

Answer: recommends

Exercise 3: Write the correct verb form that matches the subject in the sentence.

1. My sister (like) to read books every night.

Answer: likes

2. The team (play) well in the championship game.

Answer: played

3. The children (enjoy) playing in the park on weekends.

Answer: enjoy

4. The teacher (teach) us about subject-verb agreement in grammar class.

Answer: teaches

5. The flowers in the garden (bloom) beautifully in the spring.

Answer: bloom

These exercises should help you improve your subject-verb agreement skills and make your writing more effective. Remember, consistency and coherence are key to conveying your message clearly to your readers. Happy writing!

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